Monday, 16 May 2016

Sap SD

Material Determination, Listing, Exclusion, and Proposal
Material Listing and Exclusion
Material listing/exclusion is functionality in SAP SD that controls what materials a customer can buy. When you maintain a material listing for a customer, the customer can only buy those goods contained in the material listing assigned to the customer. Conversely, material exclusions allow you to set up a list of materials that a customer cannot buy.

The first example shows how a material listing record maintained for a customer restricts a customer order to be processed only for listed materials, whereas the second example shows how material exclusion helps you exclude a particular material in customer order processing. The end results from both the approaches are same.
You can maintain a material listing at a sold-to level and also at a payer level. In the event the sold-to and payer are different and the material listing is maintained at both levels, the sold-to material listing takes precedence over the payer material listing. If the listing is only maintained at either the sold-to level or the payer level, SAP picks that level. If there is no listing maintained at either level, the customer is allowed to purchase any material without any restrictions. If your business scenario demands a new configuration setup for material listing/ exclusion, you can configure that by setting up the condition technique for material listing/exclusion.


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