Saturday, 14 May 2016

Incompletion logs

In general

Incompletion Log ensures that all required fields in a document are populated. Incompletion procedures can be configured to (1) raise no messages, (2) raise a warning message, or (3) raise an error message.
If configured with no warning message, the system will indicate the sales document is incomplete and offer an option to complete missing data upon save. The incompletion procedure determines to what extent further processing of the document is allowed and if subsequent documents can be created. If a document is incomplete, it cannot be referenced.

Incompletion procedure

An incompletion procedure groups the fields together that must be checked for completion. If any of the fields are blank, the document is incomplete. Incompletion procedures can be assigned and maintained at various levels and for various document types:

  • Sales header (different procedures can be assigned to different document types)
  • Sales item (item categories can contain different procedures)
  • Schedule line (each can contain different procedures)
  • Partners (can maintain different procedures for each partner function)
  • Sales activity
  • Delivery header
  • Delivery item

To display the procedures run transaction OVA2 or use the IMG path > Sales & Distribution > Basic Functions > Log of Incomplete Items > Define Incompletion Procedures.


Incompletion procedures are assigned to each document type via transaction VUA2 or use IMG path > Sales & Distribution > Basic Functions > Log of Incomplete Items > Assign Incompletion Procedures > Assign Procedures to Sales Document Type. The incompletion procedure can be viewed in document configuration (VOV8) but can only be changed here. To prevent the document from being saved if any fields are incomplete, check the box IC-dialog. In example below document type CR (Credit Memo Request) cannot be saved if any fields in incompletion procedure 14 are not populated.



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