Thursday, 12 May 2016

How to customize the Partner Determination Procedure?

We can determine partner determination procedure by using the transaction code VOPA.
In the business different people interacts to make a transaction with the business while making transactions with the business every partner performs certain roles those are called as a partner functions.

Depending on the partner type every partner fulfill certain mandatory partner functions.  SAP determines relevant partner functions automatically to relevant partner object type.

Flow: Customer master, Sales, Delivery, Billing, Document header and items.

A) Partner Types.
1) Customer(KU)
He performs partner functions like Sp, Sh, Bp, Py.

2) Vendor(LI)
Partner Functions (FA- Forward Agent).

3) Contact Person (AP)
Partner Functions-CP.

4) Sales Employee(PE)
Partner Funcitons-SE

Authorized Partner to release the order

Contracts are release by raising sales orders. 

In the business one specifies partner is authorized to enter and to release contracts. 

At Header level( sales document) there is a control by which system carries out checks against partner whether he is authorized to release the contract.

Partner type(KU) and Partner Functions( AA- Sold T party) to release the contracts.
Aw- ship to party to release the contracts and this partner functions assigned to partner determination procedure (kab).

Partners to check credit limits:
We define partner functions
Km-credit Manager.
kb- credit representations  both belongs to partner  type pe(personal)

Configurations settings:
1) Define Account Group( OBD2)
2) Assign Number range key to Account Group (OBAR)
3) Define partner determination procedure for customer master.
a) Define partner functions
Path: Img -> sd -> basic functions -> partner determination -> set up partner determination -> set up partner determination for customer master.

Click on partner function control button under dialog structure

Partner Function Name         Partner type error
sp             sold to party  ku            07
sh             ship to party  ku            07
bp            bill to party    ku            07
py            payer             ku           07

partner type Pe
Km          credit manager  pe           09
kb            credit represent  pe           09
b) Define partner determination procedure.
c) Assign partner functions to partner determination procedure.
d) Assign partner determination determination procedure to account group.
e) Assign partner functions to account group.

For sales document. 

a) Define Partner functions to sales document header 

1) Define partner functions 

img -> sd -> basic functions -> partner determination -> setup partner determination -> set up partner determination for sales document header

2) Define partner determination procedure.
3) Assign partner functions to partner determination procedure 
4) Partner Determination procedure assignment.


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