Monday, 23 May 2016

Delivery Processing

There are various functions in delivery processing like −
  • Quantity Management and adjustment
  • Text Management
  • Printing
  • Validation
You can post quantity difference in the inbound delivery for outbound delivery to post change in delivery. Using text management, you can make the following changes to the delivery document like −
  • Display
  • Change
  • Delete
  • Save
If you want to create and save new texts for a particular delivery, this can also be done.
Printing is done in EWM to print delivery notes. You can create an outbound delivery order or an outbound delivery. Validation in EWM is used to verify the delivery document, if it is complete and can be further processed in the system.


A document comprises a document header and any number of document items. The following figure shows the structure of a delivery document.
This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

Picking of goods is done in SAP warehouse management system. It is done via a transfer order, which is used for picking list and to withdraw the goods from the stock.
There are three types of Picking −
  • Picking of goods individually
  • Picking as per defined intervals
  • Automatic Picking in SAP SD module
Packing of goods is done with the packing material and to be created as material type − VERP. This can be done in two ways −
  • Manual
  • Automatic
The Post Good Issue (PGI) is the last step in delivery processing and in this goods ownership is moved to the customer and stock is updated as per delivery.
These functions can be performed in the system using the following steps −
  • Creating an Outbound delivery
  • Creating Picking Request
  • Create Packaging
  • Creating Post Goods Issue


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