Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Determination of Schedule Line Category in SAP SD

Schedule line category:

In SAP SD process, schedule line category in sales order decides whether or how the system passes on requirements to materials requirements planning (MRP).


Schedule line category is determined based on Item Category and MRP type

  • Item category is determined(sales document type + item category group + item usage + higher level item category) in sales order(screen 1.0)
  • MRP type is defined in material master - MRP 1(screen 1.1)

Screen 1.0

Screen 1.1

Determination Rule:

  1. Item Category + MRP type
  2. Item Category (if there is no MRP type defined), refer screen 1.2 for detail
This assignment is maintained in t-code VOV6(screen 1.2)

Screen 1.2

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