Monday, 25 April 2016


Basic Functions in SAP SD


The most important basic functions are:
  • Pricing
  • Availability Check
  • Credit Management
  • Material Determination
  • Output Determination
  • Text Processing
  • Tax Determination
  • Account Determination

Pricing and Conditions

The term pricing is used broadly to describe the calculation of prices (for external use by customers or vendors) and costs (for internal purposes, such as cost accounting). Conditions represent a set of circumstances that apply when a price is calculated. For example, a particular customer orders a certain quantity of a particular product on a certain day. The variable factors here - the customer, the product, the order quantity, the date - determine the final price the customer gets. The information about each of these factors can be stored in the system as master data. This master data is stored in the form of condition records .

The Condition Technique in Pricing

The condition technique refers to the method by which the system determines prices from information stored in condition records. In Sales and Distribution, the various elements used in the condition technique are set up and controlled in Customizing. During sales order processing, the system uses the condition technique to determine a variety of important pricing information. For example, the system automatically determines which gross price the customer should be charged and which discounts and surcharges are relevant given the conditions that apply.

Availability Check in Sales and Distribution Processing

  • About the Availability Check in Sales and Distribution Processing
  • Working with the Availability Check in Sales and Distribution Processing
  • Fixing Quantities and Dates in Sales Documents
  • Blocking Confirmation of Quantities in Sales Documents
  • Deferring Confirmation of Quantities in Sales Documents
  • Rescheduling of Sales Documents
  • Performing Rescheduling of Sales Documents
  • Shortage Check
  • Processing Sales Documents in Backlog
  • Displaying the Availability Situation in Sales Documents


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