Friday, 22 April 2016


Pre sale Activities

We have some five pre sale activities listed below. They are

  • Purpose
  • Benefits
  • Process steps
  • Process flow
  • Roles and responsibilities.


  • The pre-sale business processes includes the functions for inquiries, quotations and contracts.
  • The inquiry is used to enter a request from the customer into the system to either provide him with a sales quotation or to store the inquiry electronically.
  • A quotation presents the customer with a legally binding offer for delivering  a product or providing a service within a certain fixed conditions.
  • A quantity contract is an agreement that your customer will order a certain quantity of a product from you during a specified period. the Contract contains basic quantity and price information but no schedule of specific delivery dates and quantities.


  • Quotation with automatic pricing from inquiry.
  • Credit limit check.
  • Sales Order with reference to quotation/contracts.
  • Creation of inquiry with release status and SAP mail to responsible person.


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